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Kıbrıs Şehitleri Street is one of the main streets of the city. The Street, which is closed to traffic, has restaurants, cafes, pubs, bookstores and shopping centers.

It is formerly known as Mesudiye Street.

The Street reach out to Kordon starting from the intersection of Talatpaşa Boulevard and Ali Çetinkaya Boulevard. It is adjacent to Gazi Kadınlar Street, Muzaffer İzgü Street, Dantel Street and Bornova Street.

You can have a pleasant trip or discover the alleys before or during your accommodation.

Gazi Kadınlar Street, one of the most popular streets of Alsancak, is known for it’s pubs, bars, restaurants and karaoke cafes. The Street has some of the liveliest places of İzmir and must be visited for a fun night out.

Gazi Kadınlar Strees has various venues for a night out. You can dance all night in the bars, or have dinner at the famous fish restaurants and relax after a long day of wandering. The Street has a great variety and has a venue for everyone.

There are various restaurants to dine out in Gazi Kadınlar Street since it is located in the center of Alsancak. Therefore you can find döner, kebap, foreign cuisines and different flavours here. But a real İzmir tradition is having kumru or boyoz from the places at the corner of Gazi Kadınlar Street before or after a night out. If you feel hungry after having a few drinks in a fun night out, make sure to try them and experience the culture.

Gündoğdu Square is located near Alsancak and a must seen for tourists. Being a host to celebrations and concerts, eating mussels while enjoying the spectacular sea view is priceless.

After having a break in Gündoğdu Square you can pay a short visit the Atatürk Museum, which is located nearby, if you enjoy museums.

If you want to have a full İzmir experience, you must visit Gazi Kadınlar Street and the streets nearby it and have tremendous fun. You can visit popular places like Tren,Clinic and Vecihi for a fun night out and take a look at the other venues after spending some time there. Another popular activity here is flying wishing lanterns. After having a fun night with your significant other, you can fly your lanterns and enjoy a romantic ferry trip.

If you want to experience the night life in İzmir, Gazi Kadınlar Street is the place to be.

If you want to rest and relax after having a blast in Gazi Kadınlar Street, which hosts the most popular night out venues, book your room now.

Starting from the Passport Beach and extending to the port road, Kordon is one of the most popular places in Izmir. Known for its scenery as well as its entertainment and peaceful environment, Kordon hosts songs, movies, lovers and friends who love to chat. Although there are many cafes, restaurants and entertainment venues here, in addition to cycling and walking paths, most people prefer to spend time sitting on the grass.

Gul Sokak, which is famous for its cafes and shops, where you can find thousands one of a kind products in Izmir, is a very popular place for shopping lovers as it is a closed area to traffic. After shopping here, the taste of relieving the tiredness of the day in the beautiful cafes along the road is completely different.